White paper

The story to our voyage starts here.

3 min readFeb 24, 2022

Our vision.

Striving to be the first project that will have a sustainable eco system.

We started this project because we ourselves got tired of pump and dumps, unstable tokenomics, unfair launches, forever changing apy’s and ponzy’s! our main goal is to have a stable, fun, new project. That’s right we are not just another copy and paste team. We are the first to try this! We believe that with our gambling system we will achieve not only sustainability, but something that’s new, fun and interactive. With player losses from the casino going to our treasury, we will have immense treasury power, This will allow us to stop a lot of potential bad things from happening.

We want to have fun while making money.

1. Pre sale & Launch

500,000 $treasure for presale, each token will be 50 cents.

Minimum buy will be 100$ max will be 1000$.

Why aren’t we worried about extreme price fluctuation and swing traders at launch? Swing traders will be heavily punished with a 40% sell tax so it wont matter if they try and dump on us, not to mention a lot of funds will be going through our casino these funds will all get added to our treasury or burned.

We will have a lot of power from our treasury

2. Slot machine structure

We will set up our first slot machine classic casino style!

Here is how it will work. bet minimum 5 $treasure, maximum 500 $treasure. Betting structure as follows 5$-15$-60$-180$-500, increasing bet size will increase you’re win percentage. Our slot ROI is 97%.

Slots payouts,

1–5 coin

7–16 coin

18–32 coin

33–89 coin

48–98 coin

100–294 coin





17.5% of all losses will go to the jackpot pool, 22.5% will go to player payout pool and 60% will go to treasury.

.3 Casino

What’s to come? We will add poker where players can play against each other with there $treasure a % will come to our treasury, more slot machine games with different prizes and much more.

.4 Nodes

Naas & Daas on AVAX network

Nodes are displayed in the form of treasure chest NFT’S fully tradable and transferable, to mint a node you will need a minimum of 25 $treasure there is no maximum.

Nodes will have the following compounding levels 1–2–3–4-5. Nodes do not RESET all nodes are minted at level 1.

You will need to reach a % of your total node value before you are able to compound tax free.

Node compounding values below.

1st compound 17% node value.

2. 24% node value.

3. 29% node value.

4. 34% node value.

5. 48% your node value.

If you compound at these values you will also level up.

If you compound every 24 hours before node value is reached, you will be charged a 40% compounding tax. You can compound tax free indefinitely with 25% your node value after level 5 but your level will stay the same.

We will have 18% claim tax after level 5 and 40% pre level 5.

This will make sure that our players are in it to win it and not just a quick pump and dump.

Node payouts per level

1 0.7% daily

2 0.85%

3 0.9%

4 0.98%

5 1.25%

Nodes have weekly — monthly bonuses applied through our gambling feature spin the wheel!

Max/50$treasure min/10$treasure chances increased 0.2% per $treasure spent, max % increase will be 8%.

Bonuses that you can apply to your node through spin the wheel.

0.1%, 0.125%, 0.4%, 0.68%, 0.8% spin up to 10 times daily.

Game structure.

Very little information here for you guys as this is subject to change.

Imagine a Gw2, sea of thieves, ARK hybrid with p2e?

Types of players that will be rewarded.


Resource expert’s.



Town managers.


Skilled pvp players.